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Enroll Today  |  $79

Finding Safety in Your Nervous System

with Deb Dana, LCSW

Transform Your Reactions to Life’s Challenges and Stressors

Reclaim Feelings of Safety, Trust, and Comfort

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel uncertain or anxious but aren’t sure why? You may not realize it, but we’re constantly bombarded by social cues in our environment, often leading to stress and overwhelm. In Finding Safety in Your Nervous System, Deb Dana provides a valuable blueprint for building resilience and finding safety during the many ups and downs of life.

Deb Dana Will Show You How To:

Understand your nervous system, regulate your emotions, resolve overwhelm, and process the world around you.

Reduce stress and anxiety by cultivating a sense of “home” in your nervous system and safety in your body.

Design a personal plan so you can find your way back to grounded inner peace, even in challenging situations.

Lab Outline

Session One
Introduction to Finding Safety in Your Nervous System

Deb begins by introducing us to the life-transforming power of learning to heal by honoring the role of our nervous system without feeling tense, awkward, or stuck.

Session Three
The Embodied Pathway

Deb invites you to explore the physical sensations of your own body. You’ll be guided through how to use breath, touch, and movement to return to a sense of safety.

Session Five
The Relational Pathway

Deb reveals the five pathways to social engagement while illuminating the profound impact our relationships have on our nervous system and sense of safety in life.

Session Two
Getting to Know Your Nervous System

Deb helps you learn about how your nervous system works while offering practical shifts you can make to feel more grounded at any time, even when life gets hard.

Session Four
The Environmental Pathway

Deb explores the connection between our personal environment and our well-being and teaches how to create a healing space that nourishes our body, mind, and soul.

Session Six

Deb teaches you how to integrate what you've learned and invites you to create a personalized plan you can use to regulate your nervous system in everyday life.

Meet Your Teacher

Deb Dana, LCSW

Clinician, Consultant, and Polyvagal Theory Expert

Deb Dana, clinical advisor and founding member of the Polyvagal Institute, is a Polyvagal expert who teaches proven practices that help calm your body and soothe your soul. Through her groundbreaking work advising organizations like Unyte and Khiron Clinics, she’s seen firsthand that regulating your nervous system is key to transforming trauma and cultivating lasting peace.

Your Transformation Lab Includes:

Lifetime access to 6 progressive video training sessions

Guided exercises, journaling prompts, transcripts, and more

Three hours of heart, wisdom, and practical insight

Finding Safety in Your Nervous System

Resources to Help You Calm Your Body & Soothe Your Soul




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